Crown, bridge and facing

Crowns, bridges and facings without impression, within a day!!!

We have various ceramic aids available to restore or beautify your teeth: crowns, bridges, inlays and facings. To produce them, we have the Cerec system, which is state of the art in CAD/CAM systems. It consists of a scanner, 3D software and a computer controlled grinding device. So are your teeth damaged, for example due to an accident; is a tooth no longer strong enough or don’t you like your own smile anymore? Thanks to our Cerec system, we can help you very quickly and easily. We don’t take any impression from your teeth; your teeth will simply be scanned. No temporary crown is needed because within a couple of hours your crown is ready and the result is exceptionally beautiful and durable.

When do we need a crown?

We need a crown if your teeth are seriously damaged and have become too weak to stand. For example after an accident, if the filling has become too large or after a root canal treatment. Then we place a porcelain crown over the tooth to prevent the tooth from further damage. Nowadays we almost always make them of porcelain entirely, so no more dark (metal) edges can be seen.

We will create a bridge if a teeth are missing. We place one or more artificial teeth on a bridge and attach the bridge to the adjacent teeth. It ensures that you can (again) chew normally and it prevents the other teeth from becoming crooked or starting to ‘move’.

A facing is a thin shield of porcelain that is placed on your own (front) tooth to beautify it. It is a great solution if, for example, a piece of the tooth has broken off or in case of discolouration.

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