Dental fillings

A composite filling is barely visible

Even if you take good care of your teeth, you cannot always prevent cavities in your teeth. When you get your teeth checked regularly (every six months), you will be usually in time to prevent the cavity from getting worse. We will then have to fill the tooth. For a filling we use composite, a white filling, which is barely noticeable.

We also can use composite to make your teeth look more beautiful. For example, to repair damage or misalignment of a tooth.

How do we fill a cavity?

If you have a cavity, we will always explain exactly what will happen in advance. If you are afraid it will hurt, we can give you a local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel anything. The dentist first will remove the affected part of the tooth. Then the cavity is filled with composite. The composite filling is hardened with a LED lamp, so that you can eat and drink everything again immediately. It is possible that your teeth are a little sensitive for a few days, but that will pass.

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