Dental hygienist

Healthy gums are a prerequisite for healthy teeth

The dental hygienist helps you to maintain the quality of your gums. It is important because good teeth need healthy gums. With firm gums, the teeth will remain healthy and thus we will be able to treat your teeth without any problems if necessary.

Gums that are inflamed, are a warning that their quality has diminished. This can happen when, for instance, the dental plaque has remained. The bacteria in the dental plaque cause inflammation. At first, it will not bother you very much, but in the long term, without treatment, even the jawbone can be affected and the tooth can be lost and later on have to extract. Space can arise between gums and teeth, the so-called pockets. Healthy teeth have pockets around 2-3 mm. if it goes deeper because of inflammation then the tooth is lost.

When should you go to the dental hygienist?

If during the check of your teeth, the dentist finds that your gum is not healthy enough or there is a dental plaque on your tooth, he will refer you to the dental hygienist. But you can of course call earlier if you think your gums are not healthy. If, for example, your gums are bleeding during or after brushing, or if you see tartar or dental plaque. Are you not sure whether your gums are healthy enough, feel free to make an appointment with our dental hygienist.

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