Invisible dental braces

Braces do not always have to be visible

Have you always wanted to do something about your overbite, crooked teeth or widely spaced teeth, but did the traditional lock braces or outer braces stop you? Then we may have an alternative for you: the invisible braces.

These barely visible braces are especially suitable for (young) adults with a slight overbite or wide-spaced or crooked teeth. If there is misalignment or a complex overbite problem, the traditional braces are more suitable. Our dentist can assess whether you are eligible for invisible braces. We have extensive experience with and use the latest techniques for fitting invisible braces. It is advisable to wear these braces for about 22 hours a day.

Unfortunately, the invisible braces are not suitable for children and young teenagers with orthodontic problems. They will have to make do with the traditional lock braces for the time being.

How much do invisible braces cost?

The cost of invisible braces is comparable to traditional braces and varies as they depend on many factors, such as the treatment required before or after fitting. If you have dental insurance, it is wise to inquire in advance whether orthodontic treatment and braces will be reimbursed.

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