Root canal treatment

Why does inflammation in the root canal occur?

Every tooth has a root canal. As the name suggests, it runs through the root and includes nerves, small blood vessels and connective tissue. Sometimes bacteria get into the root canal and cause inflammation there. This often happens due to tooth decay (caries) or due to a filling that is leaking. But also a hard blow can cause such an inflammation. In most cases, you notice a possible inflammation in the root canal if you suffer from tooth sensitivity when drinking hot or cold drinks or if you have spontaneous pain in your tooth. Unfortunately, when inflammation occurs, your teeth can only be saved via a root canal treatment.

What will happen during a root canal treatment?

Before the root canal treatment begins you will get local aesthesia which is completely pain-free by our dentist. The dentist will start the treatment by drilling a hole in your tooth to get to the root. Then he will remove the inflamed part (tissue or nerve) from the root and properly clean, disinfect end completely close the root canal. Finally, the tooth will be filled with composite. However, if the tooth or molar has become too weak, it may be necessary to place a crown over the tooth. Fortunately, we can do that on the same day with help of our cerec system.

There could be some pain once the anaesthetic has worn off. We advise you to use a painkiller then. The pain will disappear within a few days.

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