When should your child go to the dentist for the first time?

As soon as the first tooth comes through, you already start brushing; after the last feeding of the day. If your child is about 2 to 3 years old, it is best to visit us for the first time. We will introduce your child to our practice in a relaxed, playful way: sit in the chair for a while, view the materials and equipment and get to know the employees. Together we will look at the teeth and we will teach about teeth, toothpaste and brushing teeth. Above all, your child should have a pleasant experience.

Regular checkups are important

After that, it is better to visit us for a checkup every six months. This is important, because children’s teeth are very vulnerable, especially in the phase in which the teeth are changing. If cavities occur, at least we are quick to deal with them. In this way, we will build a relationship of trust with your child.

Of course older children are also very welcome with us. We will make sure that they feel relaxed.

The checkups are reimbursed by the basic insurance up to the age of 18. So your child can go to the dentist for free (except orthodontics). In this way, together we will lay a solid basis for healthy and beautiful teeth.

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