Prosthesis: indistinguishable from real!

Sometimes it is necessary to replace some unhealthy teeth with a prosthesis. This can be a complete prosthesis (so-called dentures) or a partial prosthesis. Thanks to our expertise and advanced equipment, we are able to fit you with a prosthesis that is indistinguishable from your own teeth, both in appearance and in use.

A complete prosthesis (dentures) will be the right solution if you have (almost) no teeth left in your upper and/or lower jaw. You can ask for a removable prosthesis or a fixed prosthesis that is attached by means of implants. A fixed prosthesis is more comfortable and provides more firmness than a removable one. We are happy to discuss with you what is the best solution for you.

We use a partial prosthesis if several teeth have been removed. This is attached to the remaining teeth. You can choose from a synthetic prosthesis or a so-called frame. Of course you can count on our expert advice.

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